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Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Gruner provides West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington and Jupiter dental patients with root canal therapy.

The root canal of your tooth is the hollow in the tooth that contains nerve tissue and blood cells. If the pulp in the cavity of the tooth becomes infected, you may need root canal therapy.

For many root canal patients, the misconception of the pain associated with root canal therapy is worse than the root canal itself. When performed correctly, root canal therapy is virtually painless. Dr. Gruner has been performing root canal therapy for Florida patients for over 20 years; he has the experience to provide you with a pain-free experience to leave your mouth feeling brand new.

How Do I know if I need Root Canal Therapy in Palm Beach Gardens?

There are two main reasons that a Jupiter, Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens or West Palm Beach patient may need root canal therapy: infection and damage to the pulp.Your may have infection in the pulp from an untreated cavity, which allows bacteria to infect the pulp. Damage to the pulp may be caused from trauma or a fractured tooth. If a tooth in need of a root canal is left untreated, the infected tooth may have to be extracted.

Your tooth may need a root canal if:

If you think you may need a root canal and you live in the Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter or Wellington, Florida area, contact us for a root canal consultation.

How is Root Canal Therapy Performed in Palm Beach Gardens?

During your root canal treatment, Dr. Gruner will remove the nerve and the pulp from the inside of the tooth. Next, the inside of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned at the tooth is sealed.

Most of our Jupiter, Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach root canal therapy patients can have everything taken care of in one visit. However for some root canal patients with more or curved roots, multiple appointments may be necessary. Additionally, once the root canal therapy is performed, you may have to come back for a crown or filling on that tooth to prevent future breakage.

If have any questions regarding root canal therapy or you think you may need root canal therapy and you live in the West Palm Beach, Jupiter or Wellington, Florida area call our Palm Beach Gardens office to schedule your root canal therapy consultation.

How Much Does Root Canal Therapy Cost in Palm Beach Gardens?

Before your root canal therapy, contact your insurance company to see which dental services are eligible for coverage. Dr. Gruner provides many payment options for his West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Wellington root canal patients.

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