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Night Guards

Dr. Gruner can fit Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Wellington, FL dental patients with night guards.

A night guard is an appliance similar to a retainer used to correct misaligned teeth, an under or over-bite, and commonly to correct teeth grinding (bruxism). Night guards are thin, horseshoe shaped and made from hard but moldable plastics.

An effective night guard should never restrict your speech or breathing, and they should be comfortable enough not to interrupt your sleep. In most cases, the mouth guard will cover your upper teeth only; however Dr. Gruner can also provide his Wellington, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach patients with a mouth guard to cover the lower teeth as well.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Night Guard in Palm Beach Gardens?

There are a variety of reasons a Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter or Wellington patient may need a mouth guard. Any of the following issues which affect your jaw joint, or TMJ, may require fixing with a night guard:

It is important to see Dr. Gruner regarding any of these conditions; with the use of a night guard, much of the pain you have been feeling in your teeth and jaw will be significantly reduced. Each night guard is custom made to fit your mouth to insure comfort.

If you live in the Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach or Jupiter, Florida area and you feel you are a candidate for a night guard, contact us to schedule your night guard consultation.

How Much do Night Guards Cost in Palm Beach Gardens?

Prior to your night guard fitting, check with your insurance company to see which dental services are covered in your plan. Dr. Gruner provides Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and West Palm Beach patients with a variety of payment options for their night guard. Also keep in mind, the cost of a night guard will be significantly less than capping teeth which were destroyed from clenching or grinding of the teeth.

Dr. Gruner and his experienced staff take pride in all of their work, and you will be no exception. If you live in the Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, West Palm Beach or Wellington, Florida areas contact us to schedule your complimentary night guard consultation. Bring out your most beautiful you with your most beautiful smile.

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